Broad Chalke Village Hall History

The Village Hall History : Broad Chalke

Reading Room (also called the Parish Room)

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated February 1912 says "PARISH ROOM. - a very successful Social Evening was organised by the Committee and held on January 5th from 7 to 11 p.m. We are glad to be able to state that there are over 70 members of the Room, which proves to be a very favourite resort. The above mentioned Social Evening was held for the benefit of the funds of the Parish Room, which has recently been enriched by a valuable present of 150 books given by Mr Maurice Hewlett; a book case is being made for these, and they will be shortly be placed in the small room and will be available for the use of members."

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated November 1913 says "The Reading Room opened on September 29th and a fair number of members have joined. We wish the Room all success during the season we have just entered." The Reading Room was opened on 18th December 1911 so perhaps the quote just refers to opening for the winter season.

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated June 1914 shown below has the Parish Room Account 1911-14 with a construction cost of £252 5s 11d.

Village Hall accounts 1911-14

Parish Room Construction Cost

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated June 1914 for Broad Chalke shows the Parish Room Account 1911-14 with a construction cost of £252 5s 11d.

Research by Michael Powis shown in the March 2011 issue of the Broadsheet, using a scrap of paper found with old minute books, recorded the construction cost as £253 2s 4d made up of:-

Mr Rowsell£80
Mr Foyle£53 8s 5d
Mr Mills£65 16s 11d
Mr Brewer£15 15s 0d
Lord Pembroke£38 2s 0d
Total£253 2s 4d

which is similar in total to the £252 5s 11d in the South Wilts Church Magazine but with different constituents, although Foyle and Mills total £119 5s 4d compared with £118 16s 11d and the Lord Pembroke's £38 2s 0d compares with bricks and sand £37 14s 0d.

Reading Room for soldiers 1915

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated June 1915 says:-

"AT a Committee meeting of the Reading-room it was resolved that the room be opened for the use of the soldiers on Sunday afternoons - the small room being used as a place where letters may be written, and has been fitted up for that purpose. So many people have sent books and magazines that there is very little expense connected with this matter. There are, however, a few initial expenses, which has been met by a small contribution."

Village Hall Refurbishment 2004

Ian Chalk carried out the refurbishment of the Village Hall between June and November 2004 comprising a refurbished kitchen and ladies' cloakroom on the West side and a refurbished Gurston Room and new toilets on the East side. The main hall had a new stage built at the North end in addition to the old stage at the South end so that seating can face either way depending on the use. The main entrance was moved to the East side facing the War Memorial and a ramp was constructed on the North side from the pavement. The cost was around £125,000.

The old Reading Room had been upgraded in 1960, 1979 and 1991, see "About The Hall".