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Chalke Valley Sports Centre on 8th June 2008

Chalke Valley Sports Centre on 8th June 2008 (cricket has moved to a new cricket ground, see below)

Chalke Valley Sports Centre

Football, Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Table Tennis and Short Mat Bowls at Knighton Road, Broad Chalke
See the South Wilts website for contact names, telephone numbers and bookings and also the Chalke Valley Sports Centre website.

Chalke Valley Sports Centre CVSC   Recreation Ground, Chalke Valley Sports Centre, Knighton Road, Broad Chalke, Salisbury, SP5 5HX Chalke Valley Sports Centre website
Malcolm Penney CVSC bookings 01722 781139

2 Corner Cottage, South Street, Broad Chalke, Salisbury, SP5 5DH South Wilts website

  Chalke Valley Football Club   website
Nigel Chalke Valley under 13 youth football 01722 780338  
Hilary Brown Chalke Valley Tennis Club 01722 780496 website
Edward Fry Short Mat Bowls 01722 780093 website
Malcolm Penney Table Tennis 01722 781139 website

MUGA - Multi-use Games Area

The hard court area of the Sports Centre mainly used for tennis, football training and by the school. See the South Wilts website (Chalke Valley Sports Centre) for contact names, telephone numbers and the bookings schedule.

Indoor Games Area

The indoor games room area of the Sports Centre mainly used for table tennis, short mat bowling and pilates. See the South Wilts website (Chalke Valley Sports Centre) for contact names, telephone numbers the bookings schedule.

Chalke Valley Cricket Club

Chalke Valley Cricket Club CVCC Website Butt's Field, Bowerchalke (behind Church, turning on same side of road just near Church)
Jamie Holland Hon. Secretary 01722 781111
01722 780144

Maud's Cottage, Broad Chalke, Salisbury, SP5 5QH

Peter Bell Hon. Treasurer 01722 780752


David Brown Fixtures Secretary 01722 780496


David Cooper Membership Secretary 07980 703728



Sunday evenings Sports Centre 01722 781139 Table Tennis; contact Malcolm Penney
Monday evenings Sports Centre 01722 780963 Netball Training; 6.30 pm; 10 week course £10; contact Peter Trickett
Mondays and Thursdays Sports Centre 01722 780093 Short Mat Bowling; evenings; 7.30pm; contact Edward Fry
Mondays and Fridays
of every week
Sports Centre 01722 331341
07788 587937
Pilates; 0915 and 1345 on Mondays and 0930 on Fridays; contact Claudine Baker
Thursdays and Sundays Sports Centre MUGA 01722 780496 Tennis social mix; Thursdays 6.00pm; Sundays 11.00am; contact Hilary Brown

See the South Wilts website (Chalke Valley Sports Centre) for a full list of bookings or the Cricket Club website for cricket fixtures.

Chalke Valley Sports Centre on 8th June 2008

Chalke Valley Sports Centre on 8th June 2008 on the old cricket ground in front of the Primary School
First ball duck; you can just see the ball in front of the slip fielder

New Cricket Ground

The new cricket ground at Butt's Field, Bowerchalke has been prepared and was ready for the 2010 season. It is a satellite of the CVSC. There are grass wickets and an artificial turf wicket, net areas, car parking and there is a timber pavilion with showers and toilets. The original design for a new pavilion, estimated to cost about £100,000, has been set aside and a simpler timber pavilion has been built. A grant has been received from the Foundation of Sports & Arts and building work was postponed until after the 2013 season. There was a marquee bought from the Hampshire Rose Bowl serving as a temporary changing room from 2010 until September 2013. The target funding for the whole ground is £150,000. The temporary changing room has been demolished (25/09/2013) and the new pavilion was ready for the 2014 season.

For comments see The Chalke Valley Forum. Here are some progress photos 1 and progress photos 2 of the new ground preparation.

An appeal has been launched for funds to prepare the ground and build the pavilion; please send contributions to Peter Bell, Honorary Treasurer, CVCC New Ground Appeal, Knapp Farmhouse, High Lane, Broad Chalke, Salisbury SP5 5HH; telephone 01722 780752. Plans and elevations of the originally proposed pavilion can be seen on the Cricket Club website dated July 18th 2011.

Read about progress in The Wisden Cricketer Magazine.

Chalke Valley CC took part in the nationwide NatWest Cricketforce Day on Saturday 17th April 2010. Games of cricket for the juniors were played at the New Ground in Bowerchalke, with a barbecue and Cricketforce T-shirts, and a new scorebox for the Club was built. Contact Phil Hill on 07967 826557, or It was a lovely hot, sunny day.

The Bunbury Cricket Club All Stars came to play during the gala opening weekend on Sunday 27th June 2010; beer tent, Pimms Bar, traction engines, fairground rides, craft and food stalls, children's entertainment; 12 noon; adults £6; children £3; lunch £55; contact Peter Bell; tel 01722 780752. It was a lovely hot, sunny day, lots of people. Graeme Hick hit a six off his first ball onto the marquee roof, then over the marquee and lost the ball and was eventually caught at Long Off by Richard Lamb off Mark Cuff. Jeff Thomson was also playing. Lots of stalls, classic cars and bikes, a steam engine and lots of money into the coffers of club and charity and a TV tent to watch Germany thrash England 4-1 in World Cup football. Never mind, England beat the Aussies at cricket in the one-day series to win the series 3-0 so far in a five match series. Here are some more photos of the Bunbury CC Match.

New cricket ground on 27th June 2010

Match against the Bunbury All Stars on the new cricket ground at Butt's Field, Bowerchalke on 27th June 2010

New cricket ground on 17th April 2010

First game (for juniors, off right) on the new cricket ground at Butt's Field, Bowerchalke on 17th April 2010

New cricket clubhouse on 10th April 2014

New cricket clubhouse on 10th April 2014 (steps still to be built)

Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb

Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb on 24th August 2013

Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb on 24th August 2013

The British Automobile Racing Club at Gurston Down

Chalke Valley Fly Fishing

Chalke Valley Fly Fishing website

Broadchalke Bellringers

Every Monday at 7.30pm at All Saints' Church; website; contact Malcolm Penney telephone 01722 781139 , or David Laity telephone 01722 780559

Cricket Club History

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated April 1910 says:-

"CRICKET CLUB. - A meeting was held on March 19th in the School for the purpose of forming a Cricket Club. The following were elected officers: president, Mr John Stevens; captain, C Martin; sub-captain, S Herrington; committee, A. White, Fred Gulliver, C. Jacobs, R. Salmon, G. Andrews; treasurer, F. Roper; secretary, Rev H. K. Brown."

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated July 1910 says:-

"CRICKET CLUB. - The season has proved so far a fairly successful one for the revived club, two matches having been won and two lost, and we hope as the two last matches were victories, that the team will also win the remaining fixtures. We have some promising young cricketers coming on, who will doubtless be of great assistance to the captain and the old and tried players. The results up to date are as follows: May 14th, Broadchalke versus Hurdcott (lost), at Hurdcott. June 1st, Broad Chalke versus Y.M.C.A. (lost), at Chalke. June 11th, Broad Chalke versus Woodyates (won), at Woodyates. June 18th, Broad Chalke versus Hurdcott (won), at Chalke."

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated August 1914 says:-

"THE FLOWER SHOW. - ... To the ladies who took part in the Cricket Match we owe a debt of gratitude. Their skill displayed was an admirable match to their kindness. Mr George Lidford (sic - should be Sidford) again placed a field at our disposal for a day, and we appreciate the privilege...."

Rifle Club History

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated April 1909 says:-

"RIFLE CLUB. - A picked team of members of the rifle club journeyed to Bowerchalke on March 18th to compete against the club there, and underwent defeat by 12 points. In the return match on March 23rd the Broadchalke club was victorious by the same number of points. We hope to arrange matches with other clubs in the neighbourhood."

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated July 1909 says:-

"THE RIFLE CLUB opened its outdoor range in Target Bottom on June 19th, when a fair number of members shot. Now that they have a good long distance range at which to shoot, the committee hope that more men will join the club. All particulars may be obtained from the secretary, Mr Filmer Witt."

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated December 1909 says:-

"THE Miniature Rifle Club has been meeting at its indoor range for some weeks, and has a fair number of members. It is expected that matches will be arranged before long with the clubs in neighbouring villages. Practice meetings are held each Wednesday, at 7 p.m., at Mr H. Witt's barn."

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated April 1910 says:-

"The Rifle Club have lately had two matches against the Bowerchalke club, in both of which they were defeated by 22 points. Better luck next time."

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated December 1911 says:-

"THE Committee of the Rifle Club organised a Dance, which was held in the School on November 20th, the proceeds being in aid of a fund for providing prizes for competition during the winter. There was a good attendance, and we understand that about 15/- was cleared. We should mention that the Rifle Club is now self-supporting as far as its ordinary working expenses are concerned, and that if any generous persons would like to give a stimulus to the Club by offering small prizes (in money or otherwise) to be competed for, the secretary, Mr Walter Witt, will gratefully receive them for that purpose."

There aren't any further mentions of the Rifle Club, but during the First World War I expect that many members left and rifle training would have happened when they enlisted.