Fifield Bavant Church

Fifield Bavant Church

Fifield Bavant Church on 5th April 2009

Fifield Bavant Church on 5th April 2009

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St Martin's
Fifield Bavant

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Fifield Bavant Church Restoration Appeal; contact William Hillary,

Fifield Bavant Bell Turret

The South Wilts Church Magazine dated October 1909 says:-

"THE BELL TURRET. - This little addition to our parish Church is now very nearly finished. It will give a finish to the little building and make it look like a Church. When the workmen depart we shall have from one source or another to find the money to pay the builder. Mr Herrington of the farm will be most pleased to receive any donation however small towards the extinction of this necessary debt."

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Chalke Valley Bulletin

This is the Chalke Valley Bulletin for 17th September 2020 (PDF document, may take a little time to download).

The Rt Revd John Kirkham RIP
It is with great sadness that we have to announce that The Rt Revd John Kirkham died on Thursday the 10th October after a short illness borne with fortitude.
Bishop John served as chaplain to Bishop Lancelot Fleming from 1965 to 1969 and as chaplain to Archbishop Michael Ramsay from 1972 to 1976 when he became Bishop of Sherborne, a post that he held with distinction for 25 years. During that time he was also Bishop to the Armed Forces (1992 to 2001) and the Archbishop's Adviser to the Headmasters' Conference. In retirement, Bishop John was an Assistant Bishop in the diocese.
Bishop John was a man of great faith, strength, kindness and gentleness. He will be remembered with enormous affection by the many whose lives he touched for good.
Bishop Nicholas said, "Bishop John Kirkham was a Bishop in this Diocese for over 40 years, first as Bishop of Sherborne and then as an Honorary Assistant Bishop. He loved, and was much loved by, the clergy and people. In his retirement he helped at the Spinal Injuries Unit in Salisbury District Hospital where he felt he rediscovered what it meant to be a deacon. He was a faithful shepherd for whom many will give thanks. His marriage to Hester was a great strength and blessing and we remember her in our prayers."
Bishop John's funeral will be a private one but there will be the opportunity to remember Bishop John at a service of thanksgiving in the cathedral, the details of which will follow in due course.
Please remember Bishop John and his widow, Hester, in your prayers. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

£96,000 stolen from Church funds between 2008 and 2017. The culprit will avoid a court case. Read the Rector's report.

This is the Chalke/Cueibet Partnership Newsletter 8 (PDF document, may take a little time to download).

This is the Fellowship Study Group (PDF document, may take a little time to download).

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