Broad Chalke Church

All Saints' Church : Broad Chalke

Church on 1st March 2012

Church in South Street on 1st March 2012 from Church Bottom

Local Events

See also events in the Chapel.
Every Tuesday Village Hall &
Old School
01722 780789
01722 781200
Parenting Course; five to fifteen year olds; 10.15am; contact Caroline Lamb or Jayne Jennings
Tuesday evenings All Saints' Church   Team Prayers; 5.00pm
Tuesdays and
URC Chapel   Benefice Resource Centre; Library of Faith inspiring books and Traidcraft goods for sale; Tuesdays 10.00am to 12 noon and Thursdays 12.30pm to 4.00pm
Every 2nd Wednesday Lodge Farmhouse 01725 519242
01747 828693
Meditation usually 2.00pm to 3.30pm; contact Janet Roe or Anna Watson
Phased work All Saints' Church  

Broad Chalke Church Development Project

Phase 1 - An improved lighting system, now complete

Phase 2 - Improvements to the hearing loop system, upgrading the sound system and the integration of an audio-visual system, all now in hand including finance

Phase 3 - New heating system; fundraising will be required

Project details displayed in the porch in 2009 now seem to be a long-term plan, only partly implemented in the three phases described above. The plans included replacing central pews with seats; a new square centre altar; new vestry; additional storage; other relocations; improved lighting and heating using ground heat reclamation; inner glass doors to South Porch and an extension with kitchen and toilet through the North door.

ongoing St Martin's
Fifield Bavant
01722 417900 Fifield Bavant Church Restoration Appeal; contact William Hillary,

The Ministry Team

All Saints' Church     South Street, Broad Chalke, Salisbury, SP5
(Car park in The Causeway)
  Team Rector 01722 780262 The Rectory, Newtown, Broad Chalke, Salisbury, SP5 5DS
Rev'd Jenny Taylor (JT) Team Vicar 01722 503081 27 Viking Way, Salisbury, SP2 8TA
Rev'd Rick Williams Team Vicar 01722 330628 The Vicarage, Nunton, Salisbury SP5 4HP
Rev'd Tom Grant URC non-stipendiary Minister 01722 411379 United Reformed Church
  Secretary to the Rector 01722 780262 The Rectory, Broad Chalke, Salisbury, SP5 5DS
Mrs Helen Atkinson Benefice Office Team Administrator 01722 781112

URC Chapel, High Road, Broad Chalke, Salisbury, SP5 5EH

Chalke Talk Chalke Talk
News Editor
Rev'd Canon David Henley (DH) (retired February 2014) Team Rector 01823 481562 2 Beauchamp Gardens, Hatch Beauchamp, Taunton TA3 6SD
Rev'd Roger Redding (RR) (retired 8th July 2012) Team Vicar 01722 780408 The Vicarage, Ebbesbourne Wake, Salisbury, SP5 5JL
also Diocesan Chaplain to Travellers and Gypsies
Rev'd Alison Williams (AW) (retired 30th November 2012) Team Vicar 01722 330628 The Vicarage, Nunton, Salisbury, SP5 4HP
Rev'd Julian Thomas(retired 2013) URC Minister 01722 503251 United Reformed Church

Assisting Ministers

Rev'd Anthony Hawley Associate Clergy 01794 390607  
Rev'd Jonathan Plows Associate Clergy 01722 331647  
Rev'd Iori Price Associate Clergy 01722 430518  
Rev'd Terry Sankey (TS) Associate Clergy 07929 927849 7 Charnwood Road, Salisbury, SP2 7HT
Rev'd Michael Turner Associate Clergy 01722 504000  
Rev'd Sally Wells Associate Clergy 01722 322954  
Rev'd Ann Philp Associate Clergy 01722 555178  
Rev'd Nigel Cumming Associate Clergy 01725 518248 Pasture House, Whitsbury, Fordingbridge, SP6 3QB
Deaconess Annabel Tier (AT) Deaconess 01722 744110 7 Shaftesbury Road, Barford St. Martin, Salisbury, SP3 4BL
Rev'd Charles Hatton (CH) Associate Clergy 01722 501409 4 Longhill Drive, Salisbury, SP2 8TD
Mrs Sylvia Parrett Licensed Lay Minister 01722 782392 Pear Tree Cottage, Upper Woodford, Salisbury, SP4 6PA
Denis Blake Lay Leader 01725 511743 Yew Tree House, Lower Road, Charlton All Saints, Salisbury, SP5 5HQ
Adrian Taylor Lay Leader 01722 325862 Florida, Nunton Drove, Nunton, Salisbury, SP5 4HZ
Rev'd Kate Rosslyn Smith (KRS) Retired Clergy 01722 780011 The Old School House, Bowerchalke, Salisbury, SP5
Rev'd Westley Cole (WC) Retired Clergy 01722 718240 Cranborne Farm, Coombe Bissett, Salisbury, SP5 5LF
Rev'd Rob Eardley Retired Clergy 01725 519423 Bridge Cottage, Martin, Fordingbridge

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Chalke Valley Church


01722 781112

Chalke Valley Church Broad Chalke page with online diary; also an online diary for the whole valley on the Diary page; event form to submit your event; links to Annual Parish Meeting Minutes and Report and Accounts

Church Times Archive



Church Times Archive 1863 to today


You can read about local Church news, events, coffee mornings, sales and auctions, etc. on Chalke Talk which is available in the Church or Chalke Valley Stores Coffee Shop.

Chalke Valley Bulletin

This is the Chalke Valley Bulletin for 23rd August 2014 (Word document, may take a little time to download).

Some of the content on this page has been reproduced with the kind permission of the CHALKE TALK management.

Records, graves plans and old deeds

You can see some Church records and old deeds on the Church Records page.

You can see graves plans for the South West, West and North West and South and North and South East areas.

Church History

The Church History is shown on the Chalke Valley Church website.

Sunday School 1909 & 1914

An extract from South Wilts Church Magazine February 1909:-

"The Sunday School Winter treat took place at the school on Wednesday, January 6th. After tea, to which the mothers of the children were also invited, games were indulged in, at the close of which presents were distributed to each child. Before giving away these presents the Vicar announced that next Christmas prizes would be given to those deserving of merit, and that to secure a prize a child would have to put in at least 45 attendances during the year."

An extract from South Wilts Church Magazine March 1909:-

"The Countess of Pembroke again very kindly presented three books as prizes for attendance and needlework in the school, these were supplemented by prizes most generously given by Mr Eastham. The following were the recipients of Lady Pembrokes's and Mr Eastham's prizes: Reginald Hitchings (for attendance), Lily Dimmer (for needlework) and Harry Poole, William Gurd, Ada Emm, Edith White (for attendance and conduct)."

An extract from South Wilts Church Magazine January 1914:-

"PRIZE GIVING. - At the closing of the school for the Christmas holidays the three special prizes so kindly given by the Lady Pembroke were awarded to Mollie Martin, Stanley Dowsett and James Emm. George Hargreave also received a prize for good attendance. Two other boys who had made a perfect attendance generously volunteered to waive their claim to these special prizes as they had previously won one. This is a kind of spirit we love to see and admire in the rising generation."

First World War History

You can see entries for The First World War concerning enlisting and the Armistice in the South Wilts Church Magazine 1914-1918 and the Peace Treaty and the War Memorial in the South Wilts Church Magazine 1919-1921.

Tom H and Church History on 4th October 2008

Careful, Tom, he might pop out at you
Tom H and his magic trick for Church History on 4th October 2008

Church and old school on 7th May 2008

Church and old school on 7th May 2008
after one large tree had been cut down (earlier photos on Photos and School pages)