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The Hitchings Family in Broad Chalke

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History of the family

The Hitchings family have been residents in Broad Chalke since about 1851 and have had many occupations including shopkeeper, draper, grocer, sub postmaster, butcher, builders and farmers running the Manor and Gurston farms and the local watercress business.

Various properties have been occupied including Kings Old Rectory, Manor Farm, Knapp Farm, Gurston Farm and Primrose Cottage, or built, including The Willows, Gerrardstone and Hillberry and recently Puddles Living.

Source of the above: Broad Chalke, A History of a south Wiltshire Village, published by The Baskerville Press in 1999.

The First World War years

There are plenty of references to the Hitchings family in the South Wilts Church Magazine War 1914 and War 1919.

Trouble with the Energy Police

David and Gwen are condemned by the Energy Police as described in this article: Condemned by the man from the energy police (it can be slow to load, so wait). The original Daily Telegraph article has been deleted.

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