Burrough Diary : Broad Chalke


Burrough Diary : Statistics for New South Wales 3 and 4

Burrough Diary: New South Wales 3 Burrough Diary: New South Wales 4
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These statistics for population and farming for New South Wales are separate papers found with the diary written by Abner Burrough who emigrated with his wife Elizabeth to Australia in 1853 and returned to Broad Chalke in 1860 so they are assumed to be written by him as his brothers seemed to have had settled jobs in Broad Chalke and Bowerchalke.

The date of 1853 for the data may suggest that he wrote the notes while in Australia (the data for 1853 would not have been available before he left in April 1853) but he could have written them after his return in 1860. This diary, on four pages on both sides of one sheet of folded paper, is pinned with farming notes for Australia (which have a reference to the Emigrants' Almanac 1849), so it seems likely that they were written during his time in Australia. Some other diaries have dates after his return, so it's not entirely clear when these were written.

Images © John Burrough

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