Burrough Diary : Broad Chalke


Burrough Diary : Extracts from the 1871 Census 1 and 2

Burrough Diary: 1871 Census 1


Burrough Diary: 1871 Census 2


St Thomas

St Edmund

St Martin

The Close

Fisherton Anger

Lunatic Asylum

The Infirmary



Britford & Harnham

West Harnham

Laverstock & Ford


Old Sarum


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*1 Note that Old Sarum only had six males and six females. Before the Great Reform Act of 1832 it only had six residents but had an MP, consequently it was called a Rotten Borough. See Wikipedia.

These Census pages are in the same diary as the pages of Abner Burrough's voyages to and from Australia so it is assumed that they were written by him.

Images © John Burrough

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