Abner Burrough's Diary : Broad Chalke


Abner Burrough's Diary : 1853 : pages 4 and 5

Abner Burrough's Diary 1853 page 4

April/May 1853



Abner Burrough's Diary 1853 page 5
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*1 Although Tuesday says "Elizabeth's seasickness left her" and then there is a line before Wednesday says "Fine not so well in health" I think the second comment should follow on from the first to say "Elizabeth's seasickness left her not so well in health" which is the complete opposite of "Elizabeth's seasickness left her" (which he probably wouldn't bother to record), but makes more sense as the weather was fine and one would have thought she would be better, but she obviously wasn't. Since it's the only mention of her in the diary, perhaps he was really concerned as many people died during these voyages. He always put the state of the weather like Fine after the date.

*2 A "Werelwind"; one of many spelling mistakes, but generally he only had problems with unusual words, like "porpeces" and "wheale".

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